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Early Intervention Program

As part of the New Jersey Early Intervention System, St. John of God Community Services, Early Intervention Program provides a full range of services for children of with various developmental delays. Serving the birth to three populations, Early Intervention is considered the first and most vital step in a child’s development.

Early Intervention at St. John of God Community Services currently holds the contract to provide all assessments and evaluations in Gloucester County, as well as providing direct services in Salem and Cumberland counties. As part of Early Intervention’s services, case workers can evaluate a child’s development, provide an individualized development plan for that child, and any related services as directed.

For more information on Early Intervention at St. John of God Community Services, including evaluations and direct services, please contact the following:

Cathleen Scanlon, MSS, CPRP
Program Administrator
856-848-4700, ext. 1112

Stacy Schultz
Program Supervisor
856-848-4700, Ext. 1140

Susan Ross
Program Supervisor
-358-1068, Ext. 2102





Referral Information

If you suspect that your child is not meeting developmental milestones for their age, you can request an evaluation of your child through the state, by calling (888) 653-4463. Currently, St. John of God Community Services provides all Early Intervention evaluations in Gloucester County and offers direct services in Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties.