covid 19 updates
St. John of God Community Services

UPDATE: May 18, 2020

Dear Clients, Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

Greetings again from St. John of God. As we continue to be home during this time of Pandemic we all anticipate our return to our daily routine. Even though we probably have a few weeks to go we are planning how we will welcome everyone back in a safe and orderly way.

Until we can open our doors we want to remind you that we are here ready to assist if you need us. Our food pantry is open and stocked to prepare food baskets for those in need. Please let us know how we can assist.

Once we have more information regarding the restrictions in NJ we will let you know. Assuring you of our prayers for you and your loved ones.


Br. Tom, OH

 Executive Director of St. John of God Community Services

Archbishop Damiano School

UPDATE: June 16, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian: 

As you are aware, ADS has been diligently preparing for the possible re-opening of school as shown by our recent draft that went out to all families last week. On Friday, June 12, 2020, the Department of Education released guidance for the Summer Learning Program, which would include ESY for schools. As an approved Private School for Students with Disabilities, we have been advised to base our decision on our student's population that we serve. Our school definitely has students with challenging learning, physical and medical disabilities. They are among the most vulnerable and compromised individuals that require the greatest degree of universal precautions, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and insuring we are able to sanitize all areas regularly. We must make sure that we can strictly meet the health and safety guidelines that are applicable to all re-openings. We are moving in the right direction, but definitely need more time. 

As a result and for safety, health and protection of our students and staff, ADS will continue with remote learning for ESY 2020 with the definite hope and anticipation that we will be able to provide in person instruction in September or a hybrid model for families that may be a combination of remote and in person. 

We will continue to prepare our classrooms, therapy areas, hallways and office areas for social distancing as mandated and continue to develop and improve our re-opening model as we receive more information from the Department of Education and our local health agencies. 

We do acknowledge and appreciate the commitment of our families in assisting with remote learning and hope that the summer themes that were developed help you and your child have a fun-filled ESY program and are helpful in meeting your child's education goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 856-848-4700 ext. 1152 or email me at  


Kathleen Flynn