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Community Work Experience Program

CBWE (Community Based Work Evaluation) is an assessment used for vocational planning purposes. It is performed one-on-one in the community at an employment site in the most integrated setting possible. It is an assessment used to identify work related skills, behaviors, interests, abilities, strengths, aptitudes, and barriers to employment. It can also identify if any reasonable accommodations would be needed in future employment. The consumer will participate at three different job sites. The consumer will be evaluated at each job site for two days/five hours per day for a total of six days of job participation. Job coaches will provide observation, instruction, and assistance with job tasks. The employer will provide feedback regarding the consumers’ work performance on the job site. CBWE is valuable for an individual who has never worked or has very limited work experience, those needing to explore and identify career pathways, Out of School Youth ages 24 and under, and those with any type of disability. We are currently offering this program for consumers who live in the Gloucester and Camden Counties. Other Counties will be available very soon. Please contact your local DVRS Office to get started.

Current CBWE Sites we offer:

  • Heritages Warehouse

  • Deptford Mall, Maintenance Department

  • Wendy’s

  • Christmas Tree Shop

For more information on Community Based Employment at St. John of God Community Services, please contact:


Jen Macchione

Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor

856-848-4700 x1113.

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