Staff Directory

Bro. Thomas Osorio,

Executive Director

Ext. 1142/1163 

Ann Marie Ermilio,

 Executive Assistant 

Ext. 1111

Cathy Scanlon,

Program Manager

Ext. 1112 

Vocational Rehabilitation:Adults Services, ALPS, Workforce Program (WIB, CWEP)

Kimberly Quigley,

Program Supervisor

Ext. 1116

Takira Jefferson,

Skill Develop. Specialist

Ext. 1114/1176

Brielle DeRosa,

Case Manager

Ext. 1115

Joanne Patnode,

Vocational Serv./Job Coach

Ext. 1117

Jen Macchione,

 VR Coordinator

Ext. 1113

Brian Mello,

ALPS Nurse

Ext. 1226

Pat Everwine,

Skill Develop. Specialist

Ext. 1114/1176

Joanne Mintzas,

Care Manager

Ext. 1227

Maura Cullen,

Skill Develop. Specialist

Ext. 1114/1176

Deitra Smith,

Bus. Develop. Specialist

 Ext. 1224

Early Intervention Program

Sue Ross,

Program Supervisor

Ext. 2102

Patricia (Patti) Krawice,

TET Coordinator

Ext. 2106

Tiffany Blackmon, 

Program Adm. Asst

Ext. 1106

Linda D'Ambrosio,

BDI Coordinator

Ext. 2105

Jaquelyn Rooney,

EIP Coordinator

Ext. 2103

Theresa Perazzelli,

Transdisciplinary Coordinator

Ext. 2104

Courtney Venuti,

Intake Coordinator

Ext. 1192

Christine Evans,

EIP Billing/Business Admin 

Ext. 1123

Dana Leone,

TET Intake Coordinator

Ext. 1191

Mission & Values



Director of M&V

Ext. 1205

Lynn Bradford,

Coordinator of Hospitality

Ext. 1100

Paula Froio,

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Ext. 1207

Zachary Cooper,

Multimedia Coordinator

Ext. 2112

Linda Kutz,

Faith Formation/

Food Pantry

Ext. 1600

Bro. Raphael Mieszala,


Ext. 1104

Human Resources

Shannon Moscariello,

HR Generalist

Ext. 1128

Casey Schell,

HR/Volunteer Coordinator

Ext. 1131


Nicole Maldonado,

Financial Controller

Ext. 1121

Lori Meloni,


Ext. 1129 

Jane Gaudreau,

Finance Associate 

Ext. 1105

Jennifer Hope,


Ext. 1123

Development Office

Jeff Sanders,

Chief Development Officer

Ext. 1264

Karen Sapio,

Development Assistant

Ext. 1261

Risk Management/Buildings and Facilities

Jason Bintliff,

Director of Strategic Initiatives/Compliance Officer

Ext. 1135

Steve Aman,


Ext. 1160  



Transportation Manager

Ext. 1137    

Linda Andrews,

Lead Driver

Ext. 1137


Kate Flynn,

 Interim Director

Ext. 1152 

Fran Meghan,


Ext. 1208

Michele McCloskey


Ext. 1150

  Elaine Gavin,


Ext. 1107

Hannah Sykes,

 Supervisor ADS

Ext. 1134

Alicia Gilbert,

Social Worker

Ext. 1138

Joelle Rossi,

 Lead Teacher ADS

 Ext. 1194

Cindy Worrell,


Ext. 1151/1148

Pat Parkinson,

 Lead Teacher ECC 

Ext. 1159

Linda Powell,

Food Services 

Ext. 1120