Students learn about Arctic Animals on Traveling Teacher Day

Student Displaying Polar Bear Cupcakes Recipe

On January 23rd, many classes participated in Traveling Teacher Day. Students learned all about different arctic animals.  They made a polar bear cupcake by following teacher directions and picture recipe.  They participated in bowling with polar bear pins.  They counted how many pins were knocked down and kept score of who knocked down the most pins. The students made paper plate polar bear animals.  Another favorite activity was using conditioner and baking soda to make snow.  It actually was cold like snow!  They dressed up in warm winter clothes during a green screen photo booth.  They enjoyed tossing snowballs around on a parachute to music.  The final activity was watching a video on the life cycle of a penguin and completing a worksheet putting the  life cycle of a penguin in order.  The Traveling Teachers that ran the photo booth were very excited to be assisted in computer art technology by the President of our Student Council.

Everyone had a fun day!! Thanks to all who participated!

Polar Bear Paws
Polar Bear Bowling
Polar Bear Plate Craft
Making Snow
Winter Photo Booth
Parachute Snowballs
Student Council President using Technology