Angulo Award


We are happy to announce that the Angulo Award for December 2020 goes to Jackie Rooney! Congratulations, Jackie, on a job well done. Thank you for being a true example of Hospitality!
How long have you been working at St. John of God Community Services?
I have been working at St. John of God Community Services for 3 years.
What is your favorite moment or memory from your time here?
My favorite moment/memory is helping to gather and deliver Christmas gifts and food to our Early Intervention families. It is so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces and to know that we are helping to make their holiday extra special! It is a very humbling experience and always reminds me of the mission and values of St. John of God. 
How do you practice hospitality?
I practice hospitality by treating others with kindness and respect. I always try my best to lend an ear, greet others with a smile or hello, and truly listen to the needs of my families and coworkers without judgement.