ADS Reopening

ADS Building

Archbishop Damiano School is planning for students to return to campus on September 2, 2020. The school's Reopening Plan was send out to all stakeholders earlier this months. Parents have been given three return options. The first being a full return to school, 5 days a week, normal operating hours. Second, the child can remain at home while receiving remote instruction and teletherapy. Third, the child remains at home to receive remote instruction, but can come to school for scheduled related services. Parents will make their initial choice in July. They will then have the opportunity to change their choice in November and again in March. This approach gives parents maximum flexibility in meeting their own evolving individual needs.

Parents are urged to return their Reopening Option Selection for to the school office as soon as possible. A copy of the form, along with the most recent version of the ADS Reopening Plan,  can be found on this websites e-Learning page.

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