COVID-19 Update

covid 19 update

UPDATED: January 13, 2022

Dear Clients, Parents, and Guardians,

Here at Saint John of God Community Services, we have an added challenge affecting our programs; regarding staffing levels. As you most likely are aware through the news outlets and social media, our numbers are incredibly high for positive and those exposed to Covid 19 in our state and location. Currently, we have staff from every department with positive cases of Covid 19. Some are, in fact having moderate symptoms. Therefore, we must move the intended date for on-campus services from January 18, 2022, to February 3, 2022. I understand that this poses many other challenges for you; however, quite frankly, we do not have all of the resources we need to provide quality services to those in our care safely. 

Remote services will continue until we can invite our clients back to campus. Someone from these departments will give you further details.

I thank you for trusting us with the care of your loved one.


Br. Tom Osorio

Executive Director