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covid 19 updates

Wed Nov 18 02:58 PM

SJOG Newspaper

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Tue Nov 10 01:46 PM

Hope With Hospitality

Virtual Fundraiser

Tue Nov 03 09:02 AM

The Pomegranate

What is the SJOGCS logo?

Thu Oct 01 07:20 AM

work warrior
Work Warrior

The Fulfillment Center is proud to present Sean as this week’s Virtual Work Warrior.

Wed Sep 30 12:12 PM

ADS Building
ADS Reopening

Archbishop Damiano School is planning for students to return to campus on September 2, 2020.

Fri Jul 24 07:49 AM

Food Pantry
Food Donations

A special thank you to Gloucester County 4-H and the Gloucester County Department of Government Services .

Mon Jul 13 11:19 AM

Archbishop Damiano School
Reopening Plan

Archbishop Damiano School has finalized it's Reopening Plan.

Mon Jul 13 08:16 AM

Council for Developmental Disabilities
New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities

New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking parent input,

Fri Jul 10 10:25 AM

Social Security
Importsnt SSI Information

The following is time sensitive information regarding additional SSI payments to children under 17.

Thu Apr 30 09:24 AM