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Therapeutic Recreation

The provide further enrichment for students and members of our Adult Service programs, St. John of God Community Services offers evening therapeutic recreation for members of St. John of God Community Services. Programs offered through the recreation program, include after school sports training and cultural art classes, adult evening social outings, and Special Olympics training. For more information, please click on the links, below.



For questions or to enroll your adult or student in any of therepeutic recreation's programs, please contact:

Cindy Shackleford at or (856) 848-4700, ext. 1151

Priscilla Kirby-Auberzinsky at or (856) 848-4700, ext. 1205

Policies and Guidelines

Due to the restructuring of the Therapeutic Recreation program, changes have been made to the program’s policies and guidelines. Please read and review these guidelines, carefully, prior to registering for an event or weekly program:

1. Please register early so that we may obtain the necessary staff to accommodate all students and adults.

2. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to secure transportation for after-school and evening programs. The Therapeutic Recreation office does not offer transportation from the home. We do usually provide transportation from SJOGCS to a program site, however there may be few events that require parent transportation

3. Please note the age requirement for activities.

4. All fees and documentation must be turned into the Therapeutic Recreation Office prior to

5. Only Therapeutic Recreation staff can confirm a registration for an activity, therefore all registration and permission forms must be sent directly to Therapeutic Recreation staff ONLY.

6. If you are an External Participant (meaning NOT in the Workshop or ADS) you will be able to register by phone for events, BUT you must still mail in form and fees by the deadline.

7. There is a “Lateness” policy. In consideration of the time it takes to travel to certain venues or prep for certain events. We ask that you adhere to the Drop Off and Pick Up times of our programs. Please DO NOT DROP OFF participants more the 15 minutes earlier than the planned start or departure time. Participants will be dismissed from the program if consistent lateness becomes an issue.