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For all media inquiries, please contact Shannon Reyes at (856) 848-4700, ext. 1231 or via email at

Folder Press Releases 2015 (2 Files)
doc file ASAH_Teacher_of_the_Year.docx
doc file NAPSEC_Educator_of_the_Year.docx
Folder Press Releases 2016 (4 Files)
pdf file St_John_of_God_Partnership_Announcement.pdf
doc file 50th_Anniversary_Gala.docx
doc file Food_Pantry_Grand_Opening.docx
doc file Ventilator_Dependent.docx
Folder Press Releases 2017 (3 Files)
doc file Pat_Morris_NAPSEC_Award_Presser.docx
doc file NJSBA_Innovations_Award_-_Presser.docx
doc file Innovations_In_Special_Education_Press_Release.docx